Documents to take with you for an Equity Release meeting

Birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport or driving license, utility bill or bank statement

P60’s of any Pensions in payment, State Pension Statement, payslips
Full month’s bank statement showing monthly expenditure

Credit Report
There are many credit agencies, some free such as or, or paid sites, such as

Building Insurance Certificate
This will be required by the lender to prove that your property is fully insured

Detailed list of what you wish to use the money from your Lifetime Mortgage for
By doing this, you will identify what funds are urgently required and what are not

Warranties and Certificates
If you have had any work carried out to your home ensure you have the warranties and guarantee certificates to hand.

Solar panels
Some lenders will not lend on a property should there be Solar Panels on the property, by providing the adviser with copies of the contracts for Solar Panels, or Purchase Agreements, this can be checked out prior to applying

Description of your property:
Is it:
Ex council/MOD
Listed – what grade?
Single skin construction
Barn Conversion
Timber Framed
Studio Flat
Age of the property
Next to a commercial property

Documents, Lifetime Mortgage Adviser